This is the story of my Vegas Golden Knights franchise as played on the NHL19 video game.  I am the GM of the Golden Knights and this is the story of how I’m going to build an NHL team that will try to make the Stanley Cup finals in the 2018-2019 season and try to win the Stanley Cup.

I am in charge of all finances, scouting, trades, arena repairs and upgrades, promotional nights and running of an NHL franchise as we try to win the ultimate prize the Stanley Cup!

A little background on me will explain that I have always had passion for hockey in real life as well as in hockey video games.  I have played hockey for most of my life, always loved the game but was never good enough to play pro but have always played in rec leagues and house leagues and pick up games.  In video games I started playing Bethesda’s Wayne Gretzky Hockey back in 1987.  The game was amazing for the time, the graphics were simple, just a top view of players helmets and shoulders but the game play was amazing and it was one of those rare games where you couldn’t switch players, you were the center man and that was it, if you got caught up the ice behind the play, your team was shorthanded.  Unlike today where with a push of a button you can be any player on the ice, in Wayne Gretzky’s hockey you had to know the fundamentals of playing hockey as the other 4 line mates on your team were NPC’s and you were responsible for your position on the ice.  I played the game for years with multiple seasons and I got so good that my final year of playing the game as the Montreal Canadiens, me as the 4 center man on the team with one of them being Shane Corson for the Montreal Canadiens I scored 168 goals that season!!  Now the NHL record is 92 goals in the season by Wayne Gretzky, nobody will probably touch that record ever again as players today are lucky if they score 50 goals in a season.  So this is when I realized I can’t play the game anymore as I have mastered the game and could destroy any team and sweep all the rounds of the playoffs and win the Stanley Cup every year and put up God like numbers in points, assists, goals etc. etc.  But I still loved the hockey games.

As the hockey video games became more advanced over time, the graphics became better, the detail in games, I loved them even more but I decided to just be the GM for a team.  I would build the team, handle trades and signings of players and then watch my result on the ice.  And the games were more fair, I didn’t know if I would make the playoffs or would be any good, there was adversity, battle for the playoffs without the guarantee that I would sweep every team and win the cup each year.

Today the NHL video game NHL19 by EA is so good in every aspect of the game, it’s like watching a televised real NHL game on the TV.  With the bonus being NO COMMERCIALS.  I get to watch every game of my favorite team and the advantage is I get a say in my team as I am the GM of the team, so essentially my decisions will have a big impact on my team.  And I never get to miss a game as I can play or should I say build and watch my creation of my team on the ice as I sit in the press box/couch and watch my team play whenever I have time, so I never miss a game.  I watch full 20 minute periods and a game usually takes an hour and a half to finish watching.

I became a Golden Knights fan from the inception of the real NHL team and now I get to be the GM of the Golden Knights in the NHL19 video game.  I watch the game on a 75″ 4K TV and the graphics, gameplay and player detail is so phenomenal that it’s like I’m watching the real thing.

So this is my story of my Vegas Golden Knights as we try to win the Stanley Cup in the 2018-2019 season.  Unfortunately we came up a little short losing in the Stanley Cup Finals to the Boston Bruins in 2018-2019.  So now I have started a new season looking to finish where we started last season.  My owners happiness is amazing as I made a lot of upgrades to the arena and I brought in a lot of revenue including all the extra money earned from playoff tickets including parking.  We have made some changes in the off season to player personnel as we try to win the Stanley Cup in 2019-2020 season now.